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Parents decided to name me Christina Marie, not bad at all :) I'm a New Years baby, first baby born in the town I live in, in the year of 1993. Words aren't the only thing that can describe a person but here are some words that will help tell about me; funny, strong, brave, caring, girly, cute, gorgeous, sweet, opinionated, energetic, annoying, family, friends, tons of music, volleyball, football(eagles), happily taken<3!, hours laying in the sun, love, facebook, giraffes, hot pink, flip flops, cheerful, girls&boys, trust, dream, believe, cellphone, my sisters are my life, texting, psychology, nursing, sex, smart, freshmen in college :D, capricorn, hate people who smoke, no regrets, original, happy, obnoxious, my smile makes me shine, laughing until I can't breathe, summertime, forever, cuddling, dancing around in my underwear, kissing. There is never a limit on how many words that can describe me but the list is endless. Just know that I'm going to be famous someday and I can't wait to prove it to everyone. I've been through a lot & I'm so thankful for it because it molded me into who I am: REAL. Be sure to follow and I'll be glad to return the favor :)